///// XCOM Spoilers? /////

So the last thing you have to do before the final mission of XCOM is you have to volunteer one of your soldiers with psychic powers to attempt to interface with the alien hive mind inside the “Gollop Chamber” room that you have to build.

Now for those of you who aren’t aware, XCOM is a hard game. Hard as balls, in fact. So I figure “oh, this game is going to expect me to volunteer one of my best soldiers (because psychic powers) and then it’s going to pull some shit like making the soldier be able to interface with the hive mind but it ends up killing them or having them be forced to stay in the chamber while I go on the last mission and then I’m out one of my best soldiers for the final mission of the game”.

So I figure, “HA, I’ll beat the game at its own… game?” I’ve got all this money lying around, so I hire like 20 new recruits and spend like two months testing them before I find one that has psychic powers, and then I volunteered him to interface with the alien hive mind.

WELL WHAT DO YOU KNOW. Not only does he survive, he actually becomes ESSENTIAL. I have to take him on the final mission of the game - so he’s taking up the spot of one of my best soldiers anyway. And not only that, this grunt has to survive the entire mission! And it’s too late to take him on missions to level him up, so I’m stuck with this asshole.

So I named him “THIS ASSHOLE”. Wish me luck.

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